It's the focal point of a great holiday in this hot and sunny part of France

The lovely pool at Maison Minvervois with its all round paved terracing and mandatory French security fencing
11 metres long and 4 metres wide it was the first investment I made when I bought the villa off plan in 2002.

Built by a local builder who turned out to be the son of the Avengers director but living and working in the region for the majority of his life! It was a fabulous project to undertake and has brought the villa to life as the weather is so hot and sunny in summer you tend to spend many hours in the water and around the edge in the various shady spots that the shape of the house affords

I built the steps as a potential place to sit and relax with a drink but if you do this please dont use real glass! Plastic is fine though!

Can't beat a beer by the pool!

Especially when its your pool! But really happy to let the right people enjoy it too! Hope you love it as much as I do!